Often when I look around outside of my work building, I see cars, trees, large manufacturing buildings, and a lot of cement. The cement streets, cement roads, and cement parking structures. You get my point, so here I am in an area that is full of very much city life, and what do I see walking across the parking lot? Turkeys. I glance out the window and there are some turkeys walking in between cars across the parking lot.

I am observing how they are confidently and comfortably maneuvering around the stamped concrete, wandering casually to their destination, where ever that may be. As they are preparing to cross the street, I would imagine that they have no idea how much danger they are in but I begin to think.

What would it be like to navigate in life surrounded by friends and family who are also looking to progressively move? Wouldn't that be awesome? I would bet that the fears of failure and defeat would diminish just because you know you are not alone.

Gratefully, I can say that I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by those that are looking to move forward and progress. Not only that, but I am also seeking to progress as well. So we keep each other motivated to move forward.

Today's motivational moment, look at your circle, and see where they are. Determine if they are moving forward with you or holding you back.
Make a decision and make the necessary changes.
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